Understanding Free Spins - Online Casinos

Free spins simply refer to the ability to spin reels or play a slot game machine without having to pay for it. Notably, one could argue that without free spins, slots would simply not be the most common casino games on the internet. Evidence for this is that slots that don’t come with any free spins seldom get any attention. Click https://www.za4onlinecasino.org to read more.

Slots and Free Spins

Others slots that come with free spins are known far and wide. There are certainly quite a large number of free spins and not all of them come with free spins as an inbuilt feature. Indeed, some free spins come as bonuses an online casino offers. Let’s not delve deeper into the topic and get some more insights. Click https://www.cabotournament.com/ to read more.

  • No deposit free spins versus free spins
  • Can I win real money with free spins?
  • What wagers are free spins played at?

For starters, you may need to understand that there are mainly two types of free spins that you might get at any casino. There are free spins that come with games, as in-built. There are also those that are offered by a casino as promotions as earlier mentioned. The latter is probably more familiar. Let's take a quick look at both.

No Deposit Free Spins Versus Free Spins

When a game comes with some in-game free spins, they are usually activated when you meet some conditions there-off. For instance, you could have a game that requires you to land 3 or more scatters on some specified reels in order to activate the free spins feature. For this reason, these spins are rewarded in the course of gameplay, or even towards the end.

For instance, let’s consider a slot like Cleopatra slot. Here, the free spins feature is activated when you land three of more sphinx scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Depending on the game/slot, the number of spins you get could be determined by the number of scatters that landed in place. More ever, free spins could come with special wilds, multipliers or even other perks.

Free spins - Casino Promotional Bonuses

The other type of free spins that you perhaps could have come across is the free spins that come as bonuses by your casino. Some might come as no deposit bonuses since they are offered by the casino without any need for a deposit to your account. Notably, these free spins are valid for a certain slot only and sometimes come with an expiry timeframe.

You may need to note that slots that come with progressive jackpots are mostly excluded from this type of offer. These spins can also be used to win real money and sometimes may come as part of loyalty schemes casinos offer players. They also may come as part of the bonus package too. Mainly, this type of bonuses may also come as :-

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Midweek bonanzas
  • Birthday gift for a player

Can I Win Real Money With Free Spins?

Irrespective of the type of free spins that you are awarded, you can always use them to make real money. Indeed, free spins are meant to assist you to wager for real money. Notably, the amount of real money you can win could vary with the type of free spins you get. For instance, the no-deposit spins come with a fixed cap on what you can win.

Free spins won through a slot do not come with such conditions. Here, you can win even the ultimate jackpot on the free spins. Indeed, we could generally say that free spins you get from a slot do not come with a lot of restrictions as compared to those offered by a casino. Lets now look at the value of free spins

  • Wager value of free spins depends on the free spins you got

Wager Value of Free Spins

In this case, if you just won some free spins via a slot, you may need to understand that the value of each of them is the same as that of the round that triggered them. If you’re betting on a $1 spin, the free spins you get will be worth $1 each. You could be lucky and have free spins that are even more valuable.

Free spins on the other hand that come with a no deposit bonus, on the other hand, come with lower values. Generally speaking, you get about 1 cent per line per spin. This means that if a slot comes with 25 lines, its free spins could be worth about 25 cents per spin. The same may not be same for slots that come with a not mathematical structure.